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Grade Less.
Teach More.
GradeNinja - Instantly scan and upload to your gradebook.
Speed up your grading process and uncover student patterns.
On the Web, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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Multiple Choice Grading Scanner App on iPad
Automatic Grade Input
Take back the 1/5* of your time
spent on test grading.
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Go Beyond Scorekeeping
See emerging trends and patterns.
Send parent alerts with backup data.
chart patterns and trends
Keep It Safe
Backed-up. Protected. Smarter
Gradebook Synced to the web.
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view of gradebook grid and charts
Do it your way in a fraction of the time!
Every day 1/3 of teachers bring grading home.* Let GradeNinja streamline
the effort. Learn why you'll love GradeNinja gradebook test scanner.

Multiple Choice Scanning in 1 Second
Scan assignments with the automatic test scanner using the camera on your smartphone.

Rubrics, Weights and Points
Use your grading style. Calculate grades with the flexibility to meet just about any requirement, quiz, test or exam.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008 Report: "Teachers' work patterns: when, where, and how much do U.S. teachers work"
* In a survey of DC Metro area teachers, most reported spending 8 hours/ week (over an hour per day) on grading tests and similar tasks.

Fast-track grading with our

test scanner app and smarter gradebook

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