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Change the Way You Grade

GradeNinja is a smarter gradebook designed to do the record keeping for you.
Our innovative app helps you speed up the feedback loop and guide students to improve.

Visualize Student Performance

Grade Ninja analytics let you measure your students' progress by showing you insightful patterns and trends. Get aggregated or individual details to understand your student performance and weak points relative to the class. Charts and graphs are generated instantly, automatically when you drill down on the students, the assignments or the class.

Access Anywhere

Grade Ninja is ready to scan tests and enter grades for any class anywhere. Via our mobile app you can securely access your information and make the changes you need immediately. GradeNinja delivers a synchronized experience from the web to iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Our offline mode lets you make changes to be updated the next time a connection becomes available.

Do Your Work Faster   >>>   Much Faster

GradeNinja can cut grading and recording time down to a fraction of what you spend now. Instantly scan multiple choice tests and input scores directly into your gradebook. Use the ultra fast grid to enter all your scores in a flash for any assignment types.

Get Rid of Your Red Pen

We've got it covered. Grading an assignment is now as fast as snapping a picture with your phone. GradeNinja's automatic grading engine instantly checks students' work against the answer key to eliminate the grading work. Literally grade assignments the second they're handed to you.

Supported Browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 (and higher).
Supported Mobile Devices - iPad 2, iPod Touch (4th Generation), iPhone 4 (and higher), and most Android Phones.

Fast-track grading with our

test scanner app and smarter gradebook

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