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What is Grade Ninja about?

Our goal at Grade Ninja is to maximize teachers' time and energy.

We innovate with that focus - visualizing trends, reducing data entry and expediting the grading feedback loop. Grade Ninja users save countless hours of their lives and use the extra time for what matters.

We started with a mission of helping our friends and family with their grading. New we've grown that idea into a solution that can be shared with everyone.

Grade Ninja is a product of MegaPixel Software LLC, in Washington D.C.

The legend of the Grade Ninja

A long time ago

a ninja master was walking through the long halls of the dojo. On the way to teach a class, he was cornered and imprisoned by the dreaded time thief.

No matter what the ninja master did, he could not overcome the time thief. In this defeat, he spent hours upon hours correcting papers and recording grades.

From the depths of his agony he vowed to avenge his time by seeking out the time thief and striking it down. From this moment Grade Ninja was born...

Escape the time thief and unlock hidden insight to build your dynasty of student excellence.
Cut grading time to a fraction with automatic grading.

Fast-track grading with our

test scanner app and smarter gradebook

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